Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Ji | 25 November 2018

Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga, Punjab

Step 1: There isn’t much window to doubt about the fact that parents try to offer their best when it comes to their child’s well being, his/her happiness. However, with time, each one of us realizes that something is still missing. Seekers eventually come to this conclusion that no doubt one’s parent’s life revolves around their child’s needs and wants however it is all confined to materialism. The lotus feet of a realized master, a Guru is then sought after.

Step 2: We come by and surrender. Or, at least we cling to a thought that we have surrendered. But, as the scriptures claim that ‘Partaking Satsangas bring solace, the practice of Guru-mantra pacifies the soul; there ought to be absolutely no dis-ease thereafter’ – why isn’t that happening?

Step 3: Maybe it’s time that we instigate the much-much needed contemplation. Maybe this implies that some rectification on our part is what’s required.

Within Yog Darshan, one of the sutras professed by Maharishi Patanjali states out beautifully that ‘Persistent practice becomes firmly grounded when it has been practiced for a long, uninterrupted time with earnest devotion.’ Why so? Because it is a necessary and sufficient condition, to let the curtains of conceit (ahamkara) draw!

As long as we do not embrace the responsibility of our own lives, it is not going to work out. Be it a cyclone or tsunami, a birdie depends on her wings. Likewise Guru-mantra is our wings. Engross within, Love it-sing it-dive deep within.