28 October 2018, Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram, Moga, Malke: Being born as a ‘human’ in itself is the greatest boon one can be thankful for. How, it is only and well within the limits of a human being to realize the sole goal of a soul.  However, in spite of knowing this and yet ignoring it throughout is nothing more than making a fool out of ourselves. Scriptures proclaim such humans as equals to those who commit suicide.

Contemplating over the reason, it would some up to distractions we so enthusiastically cuddle around. Since ages, our sacred texts, our masters had been directing us otherwise, i.e. towards a journey deep within, a journey to All that is; however we find it almost impossible to believe so. A pure lack of trust and devotion, or in other words, a strong stubborn reluctance to change!

Well isn’t it tiresome? Don’t we want to get over it? What’s the solution?

  1. a) Pray, that ‘howsoever am I, I am yours.’ And then,
  2. b) Whatsoever activity is done, believe that is by Him, for Him, and of Him;
  3. c) Surrender unto Guru’s command, knowing that He alone is my carrier to ultimate abode.