26 May 2019, Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram, Malke, Moga: It was yet another ‘last Sunday’ of the month and therefore devotees had gathered around to seek the blessings and the guidance to strive on the journey within. Like other times, Sadhvi Yoganjali Chaitanya Puri Jiaddressed the devotees and guided them through this one particular scene where we tend to get caught up every now and then…

Actions fueled by ‘will-power’ coupled with ‘positivity’ lead to desired outcomes. There isn’t a single quest where this principle doesn’t apply. An example of the story ‘King Bruce & Spider’ is exemplary in this regard. However, in spite of having heard all these; we tend to get disheartened, disappointed and therefore derailed once in a while.What is the reason behind that?

sadhvi ji_350Well, for one, we might have been praying for the accomplishment of that respective task just the way we wanted but then almost always wear a cloak of doubt over that thinking, ‘I did prayer but then I not sure whether it would be answered or not!’

Secondly, we expect full support (just the way we want) from whether it’s our colleagues or partners or children. At some point, maybe we get too dependent on others, or in other words, isn’t that a form of running away from our responsibilities? Plus, thirdly, the moment something goes off-track, that very instant we point out towards another person that it is because of him or her that I could not get my work done. Again, isn’t that running away from our responsibilities?

Let us must stop expecting by being aware of our weaknesses and therefore opt for necessary changes. Because otherwise, it is an indirect way of being someone’s slave, being a liability. Why become a beggar when we are the children of Almighty? Why not realize our true worth, our real potential and get rid of this ‘I-Me-Myself’ for once and all?

And once we are on the journey to explore the possibilities of necessary changes, we would realize the need for a guide, a master, a Guru. Every other relation results out of one’s cycle of Karma, however the Almighty himself makes ‘this’ one relationship. Once we are there i.e. in Guru’s lotus feet, have no doubts about His kindness. He is ever compassionate. It is we who need to have our bowl ready to receive all that is. Make sure that it either isn’t filled with waste or isn’t lying upside-down. And then all we need to do is be consistent and persistent in our practices, as suggested by Him, our Guru!