Monthly Events

Sankranti of every month: Satsang at Kila Raipur Ashram near Ludhiana in Punjab, India.
Last Sunday of every month: Satsang at Malke Ashram near Moga in Punjab, India.

Annual Events (2023)


Special Events

Advance Kriya Yoga Camps are also conducted, but are restricted to only those initiates who have already attended a couple of regular camps and have gained the basic understanding of this Mahayoga Lineage. There is a strict limit on number of participants, and involves long sitting hours, total silence and a light diet.

Additionally, there are 21-40 days long solitary retreats too. But they are meant only for the committed practitioners who have devoted their whole life for the Mahayog.

Body & Mind Shaping Camp

This is a sort of crash course where the complete overhaul is done for the body and the mind in a short span of nine days. This is an extensive course which focuses on increasing the fire element in the body not only for purification and cleansing but also for strength and vigor.

Baal Sanskar Shivir (Children Camp) is conducted during last week of the December for the young children between the age of 8-14 years where they are trained in life skills with a spiritual touch. The camp involves yoga, music, mind games, lectures, group discussion and many activities full of fun and learning.