“One who finds no sense in a life that culminates into death is a deserving candidate to tread the path of Mahayoga. On the path of Mahayoga, death is just a stepping stone, not an end.”

A Mahayogi, having pranic force and yogic fire fully intensified, is always free from the confines of routine food intake. In such a state, eating nothing or eating anything, both are the same.

Mahayoga doesn’t depend on any specific kriya or kriyas as much as it does on understanding and determination.

Nine orifices in a human body let us connect mainly with the world outside. The secret tenth door, once opened, takes us beyond. Then there is the eleventh opening that opens only in the transformed body of a Mahayogi.

“The main purpose of the Pranayama techniques is to transform the pace and path of inhalation & exhalation.”

The first rule of spirituality is to see the divine in all beings and treat them with love and respect.

One who blames others for his failure, loss, etc. cannot become a spiritual seeker. A seeker has full faith in his destiny.

Instead of fearfully and unwillingly saying ‘yes’ to the wrong thing, it is in the best interest for the seeker to gather courage and say ‘no’ but with great love of course.

He who walks on the path of spirituality can never belittle or humiliate anyone with his words. This is one of the greatest virtues of a spiritual aspirant.

The three best friends of a spiritual seeker are self-study, self-control, and selfless service.

Spirituality doesn’t mean doing specific kriyas or yogas. All it means is to keep the divine in heart of every action & reaction.

Spirituality doesn’t discriminate between man and woman. They both are equally eligible and able to walk the spiritual path.

Self-control doesn’t mean any deprivation or penalization but focusing all our energy (mind and prana) on the ultimate goal.

To make the whole life a spiritual practice, one should bear in mind that consciousness evolves only through struggle.

Make friends with your mind and always feed it with positive vibes. Other than the mind, no one can turn you away from the spiritual path.