Early morning. The sea was tranquil. The Sun had just started to rise. Every drop of the sea appeared to be dancing in the sparkling radiance of the rising sun. The serene form of Jesus Christ stood at the shore, his eyes gazing at the distant sun. The refreshing sea breeze was busy, gently spreading the freshening light.

A young disciple approached Jesus, bowing in reverence. Seeing a reflection of curiosity in his innocent eyes, Jesus asked him, “What is it that you seek my child?”

“My lord, you can walk on water with ease. Why can’t we do so? Why do we begin to drown when we try to step on water?”

“He, whose eyes are full of light, whose heart is full of love for the Lord can walk on the water, even like the fisherman’s boat. Nothing is impossible for such a being”, replied Jesus

“Your words have made my heart quiver, lord. I will follow you”, said the disciple.

“So be it. Come, follow me”, said Jesus, as he started to tread the sea with ease. The disciple followed, with equal ease. Both of them were now walking over the sea surface, as if it was nothing but land.

Suddenly there rose a large wave. Jesus climbed the wave in usual course, but the disciple could not hold. He started drowning , rising and falling with the pace of the wave.

“What happened my child?” asked Jesus.

“I am scared my lord”, said the disciple, his voice laced with fear. “The huge wall of water moving towards me is frightening. It will engulf me. Save me dear lord. Save me from drowning.”

“I am sorry to see you fearing the waves. Your concentration has shifted. Your eyes have shifted focus from God. Your sight which was fixed earlier at the lord God is now entangled in the waves. Look into my eyes. Do not get entangled in the rising waves. Turn your sight inwards, onto the lord God within you. If you drown yourself in his love, even the largest wave of the sea cannot sway you.”

Arjuna also came face to face with such a quandary. The ferocity of war frightened him. He was all sweats, standing in the midst of the battle field. His Bow seemed to be slipping off his hand. Arjuna was barely able to stand. Such was the impact of his dilemma.

Why? Why did such a great warrior come to such a state?

Because, he had overlooked the fact that the God was with him. He had overlooked the fact that Lord Krishna himself was his charioteer. His sight strayed away from the lord and got entangled in the waves- the waves of his relationships, the waves of his materialistic possessiveness.

A person fails only when overcome by his fears. Fear could be caused by a number of factors. Fear could rise from one’s doubt about one’s own capability. “Will I be able to do the task or not”. Adverse circumstances may shake one’s self; The enormity of the task ahead may cause disappointment.

There could be so many reasons for fear, for disappointment. However, the remedy for all; these reasons, is just one – the determined faith, that my lord, the lord of the creation, is resident in my heart.

If the heart is filled with love for the Lord and the eyes are full of his light
then any miracle is possible .