There was a village on the banks of Ganga . Not exactly on the Banks, but 2-3 Kilometers away. A old simple village with simple people. Bathing in Ganga was part of the daily routine of some, while others were content with using the village pond for bathing. The drinking water needs were catered to by an old well in the middle of the village. The well had been supplying clean sweet wholesome water to the village for ages.

Once when a villager, went to the well to fetch water, he noticed a dirty stink around the well. The water drawn from the well was also stinking. A few other villagers were called. It was confirmed that the stink arose from the well itself. Now, it was a matter of worry . A solution had to be found. After all it was a question of the health of entire village. So a meeting of villagers was called and the matter discussed. However , no solution could be found. Ultimately it was decided to seek the guidance of a Mahatma , who lived at the periphery of the village.

A large delegation went to him and requested him with reverence “Maharaj, the water of our village well has been contaminated. to suggest a solution.

“Nothing to worry”, said the Mahatma. Just take out a hundred pitchers full of the well water and pour an equal amount of Gangajal (Water from the sacred Ganga) into the well. The sacred Gangajal will surly purify the well.”

The villagers immediately got on to the suggested job, with extreme devotion.. Chanting of ‘Har Har Gange’ rented the air as the villagers set out to bring pitchers of gangajal and pour them into the well.
Soon the Gangajal, much more than a hundred pitchers full, was poured into the well. The villagers, charged with religious fervor, were certain that the well water would be purified, more than ever before.

But they were disappointed.

There was little improvement. The well was still stinking.

The Mahatma was approached again. “Maharaj, we poured much more than a hundred pitchers full of Gangajal. Yet the stink continues. What do we do now?”.

“The well should have been clean thoroughly by now”. Something is seriously amiss”, said the Mahatma. . “I will have top go and see the well myself.”

So accompanied by the villager, the Mahatma proceeded to the village. The Mahatma took a good look and said, “The well was quite deep. Maybe some animal has fallen into it. Let us see.”

Large nets were thrown into the well and then pulled back. The Mahatma was right. Corpses of three dogs were pulled out of the well. The poor creatures must have fallen into the well, fighting with each other.

“See, this was the cause. No amount of Gangajal could have helped, till these were removed”, he said pointing towards the Dogs. “Now take out the well water again and replace it with Gangaja, the water will then surely be sweet and pure as before”.

This is true for most of the the Sadhakas as well. They meditate, perform kriyas, and even attend satsang. Still the inner self remains unpurified. Still the mind is not able to control itself.

We go to the sacred sages and saints and seek their blessings for material prosperity, health etc., but how many of us really wish to live a saint’s life?

No amount of worship, penance , meditation and sadhna can stop the mind from being running outwards and becoming restless until the well of the inner-self, carries within itself the three dogs – the Kama (sensuality), Krodha(Anger) and Lobha (avarice).

Lobha cannot be extinguished till materiality is one’s aim. Till the Lobha exists, the Mana will continue to run outwards. Till then adversity of circumstances, of people, is inevitable. Such adversities are bound to usher in the Krodha. In such a state can we expect to succeed in any efforts for purification of the self?

Many people, in their own wisdom, have complete faith in saints and sages. They even perform religiously the rituals of penance, chanting, meditations etc. as suggested by such saints. However surprisingly in spite of all this, they continue to be oriented towards material progress only. Although they have complete faith in the saints and sages, yet they do not wish to follow their path. They are not will to break free from the Kama, Krodha and Lobha. So much so they actively oppose if any of their dear ones wishes to follow this path.

We always look towards the bounty of saints and sages when it comes to Material prosperity. We claim have total and complete faith in them and reverence for them. However, if some dear one wishes to follow the path of saints and sages, we use all logic at our command- obviously materially oriented- to dissuade him/her from doing so. Such logics are limited to mundane hollow premises like- you have to earn to make both ends meet,; You must marry so that there is some one to look after you; who will lokk after you in your old age; Enjoy the material world- anyway who stops you form meditating- etc.

Actually preferring material prosperity over spiritual progress implies supporting the Kama, Krodha, and Lobha. (TO BE COMPLETED)