Buddha, the great Sadhaka, was enlightened –free from sorrow; realization had dawned upon him. However, this was not to be the limit. His sadhana was boundless. His tranquil blissful inward gaze, glancing at the suffering of humanity, stimulated the flow of nectar of compassion. He set out to convey to humanity, a message that would enable any one to get liberated, from the bondage of sorrow. Many of his enlightened disciples also started to tread this path.

Poorna, one such disciple sought Buddh’s permission to go to the masses for delivering the message of blissfulness.

Where will you go?” enquired Buddha.
“The state of Harona”, said Poorna. “No Bhikshu has gone there, ever.”
“Harona? Are you aware that Harona is inhabited by wild tribes? They may not even want to listen to you. Even if they do listen to you, they will not understand a word”, said Buddha.

“That is why I wish to go there”, Poorna replied in a voice full of compassion.“I will convey your sermons to them time and again, with love. May be they will start listening to me.”

Buddha as if testing Poorna’s perseverance said, “If you insist on sermonizing, they may get angry. May even insult and abuse you.”

Poorna was determined. “I will continue even then. Some day they will surely understand me because they will not attack or injure me.”

“What if they do! What if they start pelting stones on you?” asked Buddha.
”I would still be friendly with them. After all they will not kill me”, Poorna was still unfazed.

Not satisfied still, Buddha replied, “They may even do that. They may even try to kill you.”

Poorna was still calm. “That does not affect my resolve anyway. What a proud moment it will be, to die facing adversities disseminating your teachings. I will be preaching till my breath lasts. I would like to go to Harona as a vigilant preacher not willing to compromise with any of my shortcomings. Kindly bless me Buddha that I may succeed.”

“No doubt, you will succeed in your noble mission.” Buddha was now fully convinced of Poorna’s commitment.

This great story of Buddha and Poorna turned to become a guide for numerous preachers, desirous of orienting the masses towards Seva and Moksha.
This in fact, is an ideal, the follower of which is as great as any Mahayogi. Actually this is the state where, emanating from the heart of an enlightened yogi, the rays of compassion, propagate the feeling of all pervading Brahmatma- indicating integration of Atma and Parmatma.

However, some regulations require to be followed, to achieve this ideal state.

The aspirant ought to be clear about the motive of his preaching. Is it for money? Does he/she deliver the sermon to a poor person with as much of love and compassion as to a rich person? While deciding his/her place of preaching does he /she give weight age to the need of the people, or to his/her own comforts? Does he/she preach for fame? Does he prefer to sow the seeds only in fertile lands or also attempts to sow the crop in a barren land where strenuous effort has to be put in to raise the crop? Does he /she attempts to turn adversity into prosperity by his cool minded sadhana? How does he/she treat an impious seeker who comes to him/her expecting kindness?

To sum up, it is a great sadhana to be consistently established in your mission, shunning all desires for physical comforts, name and fame, and following your avowed path of disseminating knowledge.

Lastly, all those who wish to truly serve the society by orienting people on the path of seeking truth, will have to judge themselves through an acid test, will have to pass an exam which is – Have you been able to orient your closest ones– your friends, relatives—on to the desired parmartha’ path? Are they impressed with your preaching?

For strangers, your speech carries importance, but for those who know you, your sadhna, your conduct carries more importance. A well worded speech, unaccompanied by truthful cordial conduct is like a well decorated corpse.

If you impress people publicly through your well crafted fluent speeches, but do not want to relate to the people in your daily life, thinking yourself to be a cut above the rest, then it is time to stop and introspect. Think!! “Is my egoism germinating?”

A germinating ego spells doom for the one who is desirous of serving.