Once there lived a bird catcher named Budhu. He used to trap birds and sell them for a living. Sometimes he would even cook and eat the flesh of the birds caught by him.

Once a beautiful small bird got trapped in his net. Terrified and sobbing, the poor bird said, “ I am a little bird. Nothing shall you get by selling me. Please free me”.

“Why should I”, said Budhu. “Your soft flesh will make a delicious meal.”

“Look here. I am so small with hardly any flesh. You won’t have much to eat. However, if you are kind enough to free me, I will give you two lessons worth millions, which will make you a wise man.”

Budhu decided to give it a try. “I actually do not have much wisdom in me, may be the bird’s lessons make me wise.” But apprehensive that the bird may fool him and fly away, he said, “Alright I will free you, but how do I make sure that you will not fool me?”

“Easy”, said the smart bird. “I will give you the first lesson worth a million, while still in your hands, and the other worth five millions after you free me.”

“Alright, go ahead.” said Budhu.

“OK, the first lesson is”, said the bird “Listen to everyone, but do only that which your mind finds to be right.”

Budhu, was impressed. “This is a good lesson . I think I should listen to the second one too.”

He freed the bird and asked her to go ahead with the second lesson.

The bird flew off and perched herself on a tree branch, high above the ground. “Budhu, you are somewhat stupid. You have fallen into my trap. In fact I am no ordinary bird. I come from indralok and there are five big diamonds in my stomach, each worth a million of Rupees, but now you have lost the opportunity.

Budhu was furious, but there was nothing he could do now. “You crook. I took pity on you but you cheated me. Now onwards I will always follow my own will.”

“Stupid fellow, you have forgotten the first lesson so soon?” replied the bird. “How will you follow my second lesson? Didn’t I ask you to listen to everyone, but do only that which your mind finds to be right? ”

The bird shifting to a higher branch of the tree continued, “You listened and believed me, without even applying your mind? Just think. Had I been an extraordinary bird from indralok, would I come to this forest to fall into your trap? I would rather be frolicking around in the Nandan Vana of indralok. Secondly just think, is my little stomach big enough to hold five large diamonds? I repeat my first lesson – listen to everyone, but do only that which your mind finds to be right- do apply your mind, always.”

“Budhu listened carefully, as the bird continued,“ However, true to my word given to you, here I give my second lesson – Never believe something illogical and impossible – my talk about having diamonds in my stomach, was not believable.”. Saying so, the bird flew off.

Budhu stayed there, pondering over the two lessons.