Dhruva too was a little boy, but he attained even in his childhood, an exalted position which is coveted even by the greatest sages and ascetics who spend all their lives in penance and strenuous sadhanas, only to achieve that state.

You must be wondering as to what special attributes did Dhruva have. What made him achieve such greatness even in that tender age?

The qualities that made it possible were – Ambition and determination.

Every one wants to be great but most of us are pulled back by negative thoughts –I am weak; I don’t have the ability to achieve; I don’t have any one to guide me.

Dhruva achieved the ultimate, while still a child. However, remember that all those who achieved greatness, in any field, had in them the flame of ambition – to be great in their respective field. They had, in front of them, a clear target, an aim.

Children! Keep before yourselves a lofty aim and a matching self-confidence too. Determination will follow. Aim High. Never think yourself to be weak or helpless. Remember you have with in you the same Parmatama that Dhruv had in him; that other great men and women had in them. It is only a matter of recognizing him, knowing him and befriending him.

Do you know, it was a small incident that generated in Dhruva, a craving for God, Parmatma, a yearning to befriend him.

The story goes thousands of years back, era of Satyuga. Dhruva’s father Uttanpad, as you must be aware, was a great king. He had a step mother and a step brother Uttam, who was younger to him. Somehow, the king was closer to Dhruva’s step mother than his real mother, Suniti. Once it so happened that Uttam was sitting in his father’s lap. Dhruva came there while playing. Seeing Uttam, Dhruva also felt like sitting in his father’s lap. As soon as he came near his father his step mothers stopped him, “Stop”, she said, “This lap is meant only for Uttam, not for you.”

The harsh words hurt Dhruva. He ran straight to his mother, crying aloud. “What happened Dhruva, why are you crying?” she asked gently.
“Mother, I wanted to sit in the father’s lap, but Uttam’s mother doesn’t let me.”

Suniti was a pious lady. Instead of aggravating things, she pacified Dhruva. “Do you know, there is another lap” she said “a lap much bigger and better! The great almighty’s lap. If you get his love and his lap, the entire world will start loving you. That is the ultimate.”

Dhruva was inspired. “Let Uttam sit in father’s lap. I will take nothing less than the Paramatma’s lap, come what may.”

Suniti was elated. “Indeed great is your aim, son”, she said, “but to achieve this aim, you will have to undergo arduous penance, living in jungles, may be for years and years, confronting thirst, hunger, chill and heat. You will have to conquer you mind, which will try to lead you astray, alluring you to seek comforts of body and of senses. Power and avarice will try to entice you, but you will have to resist them and continue with your sadhana.

“Do not worry mother”, said Dhruva with a voice full of courage and determination, “I will prevail over all these fears and enticements. I will not allow them to weaken my resolve. All I need is your blessing”.

A delighted Suniti blessed him. Dhruva left for the forest.

Determination and his mother’s blessings was all that he was equipped with. He had no clue as to how to begin his sadhana. However, he continued his journey to the forest. Seeing his determination and courage, the great Sage Narada showed him the way, explaining the method to perform sadhana.

Dhruva started his sadhana, sitting, in a dense forest, on the banks of Yamuna, he proceeded with his sadhana, as told by Narada. All sages and devatas were surprised. Such a difficult sadhana, at such a tender age! So intense was his concentration, that thirst hunger, cold or heat no longer affected him. Seeing meditation so intense, the Devatas tried to entice him away offering comforts and riches. “Come Dhruva” they would say, “you are so young. Enjoy the pleasure of heavens. You can continue your sadhana later in life.” But Dhruva would not listen to them. His Sadhana continued with increasing fervour.
As he progressed with sadhana, his concentration and inner strength went on increasing. Ultimately, God was moved. The parampita took him in his lap and equipped him with the ultimate knowledge of the Vedas. Then infusing the divine energy into his body, pamatma said, “Dhruva go back home now. Your mother, your brother Uttam, and all the people of your kingdom await you. They wish to have you as their king. Go serve them as a king. I will call you at an appropriate time and will establish you on the highest seat of the “Dhruva Mandal”.

Even today, the highest seat so conferred by the God is still known as the Dhruva star.

Children! You also should determine, what you want it to be. A yogi, a devotee, a scientist, a Social activist, an artist, player, Author etc. Close your eyes, look inwards, think what you want to be. You can even consult your elders, parents, or teachers.

‘Dhruva’ means determined or resolute. Once he determined to reach the lap of God, nothing could deter him from achieving his avowed objective. No amount of enticement could move him away. He continued his sadhana and succeeded in achieving the ultimate.

Children! Whatever you want to be, you will have to work hard. You will have to acquire knowledge about the field of your choice. You will have to study hard. You will have to overcome your urge to enjoy physical comforts and will have to prevent your mind wandering around. You will have to proceed with perseverance, obeying your elders, keeping your mind sharp and your body healthy.

Remember, those with a weak mind remain unwell. They are the ones who often fall sick. Studying is your sadhana.