If an old man, at the fag end of his life, wishes to achieve something great, success is nearly impossible.

If a middle aged person wishes to achieve something great, he may succeed but with great difficulty.

If a young person wishes to achieve something great and puts in his best, he is most likely to succeed without much difficulty.

However if a child resolves to achieve something great and gets obsessed, with the idea of accomplishing the desired aim, he or she is sure to succeed.

Children! All great men and women – Artists, scientists, leaders, sages, players, social reformers, singers, musicians – have one thing common. All of them had resolved, in their childhood, to achieve their aim.

You must have heard the name of Arjuna. He was an archer per excellence. So dexterous was he at archery, that he competed successfully with none less than Lord Shiva himself. Even Lord Shiva was convinced that no one except God could defeat Arjuna. You know what was the reason behind Arjuna’s success? The reason was the resolve that Arjuna made while he was still a child. He had resolved to be the greatest archer on the earth.

In those times, Guru Dronacharya was regarded as the greatest acharya –teacher- of archery. Kings from different countries used to send their princes to his Gurukul for training. Besides five Pandavas and one hundred Kauravas, many other princes also were his students.

Guru Dronacharya taught his students with sincere devotion. The students also used to practice hard, each according to his own capability and level. However Arjuna was much different from others. Every minute, every second of his time was dedicated to his resolve- to be the greatest archer on the earth. He would practice more than every one else. Yet he would not be satisfied. He would want more and more of it. All the time he would be thinking of new ways, new methods of practice to enhance his skill.

Once the students of the Gurukul were having their supper. An earthen lamp (of the kind that were used for lighting in those days) was lit. Suddenly a stormy wind blew off the lamp. It was pitch dark. However every one continued to eat. There could be no problem in eating. Even without seeing, one could feel the plate and direct the hand toward the mouth. This was very natural. But the concentrating mind of Arjuna, was still thinking of ways to enhance his skill further. “Even if in pitch dark, without seeing we can direct our hands towards our plate without much difficulty, why can’t I concentrate my mind to judge and shoot my target even in dark”, he thought.

After every one was asleep, Arjuna went out to the forest, and started practicing shooting in the Dark. This became a routine for him. Every night he would practice shooting in the dark.

On one of such nights, Guru Dronacharya came out of his room to relieve himself. He was surprised to hear the sounds of shooting arrows. “Who can be shooting so late in the night?” Curious, Guru Dronacharys walked to the place where the sounds were coming from. What he saw was a true delight for his eyes and his heart. Arjuna was practicing with intense concentration. Overwhelmed, he went to Arjuna and embraced him. “My son, I had been looking for a truly deserving student like you. I will now leave no stone unturned in making you the greatest archer ever of this world. I will teach you, with utmost ardour, the most intricate and abstruse secrets of archery.”
From that day onwards, Arjuna became the most favourite pupil of Guru Dronacharya. He loved him even more than his own son Ashwatthama.

Sincere devotion and blessing of the Guru, made Arjuna the best archer on the earth, leaving all other fellow students behind.

Dear Children! You too must fix your aim. Be careful while determining your aim. Never aim low. Making money for eating drinking and enjoying or making a home for yourself is too low an aim. All this is done even by animals, even without any money. Think- what do you want to be when you grow up! Do something that will enable you to help others, guide others, serve others.

You are sure to succeed if you decide it right now, and work hard obeying your elders.

Look within. Do you like to read or hear about great artistes, musicians? Do the stories of patriots, social reformers move your heart? Does your mind get activated on reading the stories about great scientists? Do you get inspired by the great poets and authors? Do the ascetics, sages and yogis mediating in the remote caves and crevices of Himalyas cause your Tan-Man-Prana to vibrate?

Identify your inherent capabilities and strengthen them under the able guidance of your elders.