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The expansive goal of Mission Immortality or the total manifestation of the Divine in body, mind and spirit calls for unending creativity and labors of the highest caliber. It also demands utilization of all that is available to Man to add the great thrust to our spiritual practice that will make the fantastic goal a reality in the future. It is in this wake of Maharaj Ji’s tireless zeal for spiritual research that newer modes of sadhana keep appearing on the horizon, calling out to the sadhaka to ‘Come and taste the bliss of Infinity through whatever means that suit you.’

It is true that perhaps despite the great variety of spiritual techniques, we all struggle to attain the first rung of spirituality: achieving concentration of the mind. Maharaj Ji, well aware of this problem, begins his description of Sri-Vidya thus:

‘The subtle vapors of gas, spread in the sky, condense to form clouds. This condensed vapor falls down as rain; it is not possible for it to rise towards the sun. To collect rain one needs a vessel. After the water falls on the ground, its motions become still faster as it joins to give rise to a gushing river. To halt and control a river a powerful dam is to be built. And even further, if this water which is still flowing on the surface were to enter into the earth, then one would require a powerful device or motor to pull it up.

Similarly, the subtle and spread-out mind condenses in form of a body and coming into touch with objects of the senses it motions downwards. To collect it the vessel of mantra is required. But if the mind has become so much involved in the objects that it is now enslaved by them, then a dam of vairagya is to be built to control its downward flow and give it a new direction. However, usually the descent does not stop there. The mind usually acquires a state where it is said that one can control the winds and the typhoons, but to control the mind is difficult still (mentioned in the Gita); where the vessel of mantra is not of much use and the dam of vairagya can’t stand in its way either. It is there that the spiritual motors or yantras enter the picture.’

Just like we require physical devices or machines to transfer and transform matter and radiation, similarly, yantras (machines or special structures) are also required to channel the Universal powers to make a contact with the aspirant. In simple words, yantras are the residing abodes of Universal powers.

The expanse of the sadhana of Sri Vidya or Sri-Yantra or Sri-Chakra ranges from the gross terrestrial realm of the most mundane, materialistic mind to the pinnacles of Mission Immortality itself. For after all, Sri-Yantra is nothing but a manifestation of Parmeshwari Shivaa Herself and its physical form unites the subtle, and mostly incomprehensible, principles of spirituality with the principles and tools of mathematics.

To those of us who are totally new to the science of Sri-Yantra and feel more devoted to the more widespread forms of spirituality, the following words should bring a paradigm change:

It is undoubted that the most sophisticated and best yantra is the body of a maha-yogi, a Brahmajnani. Yet, it is very difficult to come into contact with this yantra and even more difficult to remain in its constant company. But if somehow one could come into contact with some yantra that has been enlivened by such a sage through his sadhana, then that would be very helpful for an aspirant; it would be a kind of tirtha, powered by the grace of that seer.

Of all the yantras, the Sri-Yantra is the most sophisticated: it has a clear and yet mysterious depiction of the cycles of creation and destruction; it helps the journey of man’s consciousness from his present state to the heights as Bindu-Bhedna (the piercing of the Dashma-Dwara). And in such a mode of sadhana the aspirant can never get confused between the path and the goal; which are his basic pitfalls when following the paths primarily resting on the intellect or devotion.

With this and so much more in the backdrop, the fields of Shabda Surati Sangam Ashram, Malke and the hearts of many aspirants are about to become ground for establishing a living Sri-Yantra. A massive project is about to begin which would last for 2-3 years: Where in the external world the dexterous architects and craftsmen would give shape to the external form Tripur Shiva Pitham in the line with the rules and procedures of the shastras; and the various ida and pingala motions within the aspirants would form a subtle, expansive and living form of Sri-Yantra in the inner world. At the end the two would come together, when the sadhakas would establish the Sri-Yantra, enlivened and enriched in their hearts, through special yogic techniques and vibes of devotional offering in the dexterously built external form of the Tripur Shiva Pitham. This would be an extraordinary event when Parmeshwari Shivaa would manifest herself and thus channeling her power through the bodies of the sadhakas will come to take refuge in the Tripura Shivaa Pitham. This is what has been envisioned; rest is all in the hands of the Ishwara and His Shakti because everything is inspired by them and is to be offered at their lotus feet.