Sheikh Raunqi Ram shared a very special relationship with his donkey, Chokhu.  So deep was the affection between the two that they were even able to talk to each other, literally, though they belonged to different species of the Animal kingdom.

Once, the duo set out on a long journey. Starting early morning they went ahead through the lonely, winding path, passing through stumpy thorny bushes. Around noon, Sheikh Raunqi Ram was caught by the pangs of hunger. So he decided to take a break, and take a bite of the delicious snacks, that he had brought for the journey. Chokhu was hungry too, and was looking ahead to finding some juicy fresh grass around. Shiekh was also looking around anxiously, trying to find some suitable vegetation for his dear Chokhu.

Walking a bit further, Chokhu found a mouth watering opportunity-two heaps of chopped grass, lying  ahead, not very far away.

“Cheer up Chokhu”, joked Sheikh Raunqi Ram “You are sure going to have a treat today.  Which of the two heaps would you like to devour?”

“Don’t get impatient” said Chokhu with an air of serenity.  Let us move a bit closer  to the heaps,  I will munch the one which is nearer.”

The decision was not easy. A closer look at the two heaps revealed, that the two were at equal distance from Chokhu.

“Which one now?” asked Sheikh.

“Let me think”, Chokhu appeared in no hurry, although his gut was on fire, with hunger.

“I think I will take the one which is greener”, said he as they approached the heaps.

“Ok. As you feel”, said Sheikh Raunqi Ram lightly. “Any way  I don’t know much about grass. I suppose you will have to decide which one is greener and better. Who will know better than you, about grass?”

Chokhu was flattered.  The ‘grass expert’ in him was now at work.  He took two rounds around the heaps, took a deep inhalation, and churned out his expert view.

“Well, I think they are just about the same.”

The hunger was getting the better of the ‘grass expert’. “Which one do I eat?” spoke the meek but hungry Chokhu.

“If they are the same, then you pounce on any one of them. What difference will it make?” – now Sheikh Raunqi Ram was getting irritated.

No, no, no!” said Chokhu, the ‘grass expert’. I cannot take a wrong decision just because I am hungry. My decision has to a well thought one. Better to remain hungry than to take a wrong decision. I cannot eat but the best.”

By the time this discussion ended, they had walked considerably away from the grass.

Thus, the extra-wise Chokhu had to remain hungry.

Let us think a while. Do we sometimes think like Chokhu?

Do we miss the bus, deciding whether to board from the front door or the one at the back?

Do we miss the train pondering over which compartment to board?

“Should I do this or that?” Does this confusion make us miss the opportune time?

Have we not heard people say, “If I come to start Sadhna, I will not start with anything less than the ultimate, samadhi. Better to do no sadhna at all than to waste time in the useless frills of chanting and japa etc!”

“Gallop or else remain standing in the forest like a tree. What is the fun in sauntering slowly”- have we not come across such arrogant proclamations, just like Chokhu, who would rather stay hungry than eat anything less than the best?

When a person is drowning, he doesn’t have the time to choose the décor of the boat that he wants to be saved through. At that time for him even a dirty log of wood is dearer than the best of ships.

The best plan is the one which can be executed! The best philosophy is the one, which is practicable!

The tiny effective processes, spell the success of a mega project. A firm conviction, nurtured through efficient execution, can progressively transform into accomplishment of great ideals.