SANJIVANI (LIFE-GIVING) BREATH – Being aware of unawareness

A practice through which …

  • anyone, an old or a young, a healthy or a diseased, a female or a male can regain the ability to draw and digest complete breath like a baby
  • body muscles can be made stronger, body joints can be made more flexible and body organs can be made more dynamic
  • declining health can be restored, drooping back can be corrected, invasion of diseases and old age can be curbed
  • pranic flow can be turned inwards from all the sensory organs and intensified to awaken the latent force (kundalini)
  • life force is strengthened and united with its source within the body as well as in the universe
  • a healthy, happy, harmonious and energetic life is availed

… is called Sanjivani Kriya.

–  A combination of breathing techniques with special stretches.  –

For step-by-step guidance:

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