The Ashram

Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram is a research ground where hidden secrets of spirituality are researched, applied and made available to the general masses under the able guidance of Mahayogi Swami Buddh Puri Ji. It is a non-profit organization and does not profess allegiance to any religion. It respects and serves people from all walks of life, sects or creeds. By an assiduous exploration of more than thirty years and numerous experiments on thousands of people, Swami Ji has devised many safe and easy ways to help people in gaining physical health, mental strength and spiritual advancement e.g. Surya Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya and Agni Kriya etc.

It is a charitable organization totally dedicated to spiritual evolvement of human kind. It is neither a profit making organization nor a comercial institution and not even follower of any specific religion or sect or a society serving body. The mission aims beyond any boundary set by the educated mind. This foundation has been set to provide a platform for conducting experiments within the human body, the only laboratory to work on spirituality, and disclose the results to general public for their inspiration and motivation. Here we believe that the only way to guide people is to make them realize & experience and for that an example has to be set before them to follow.

Swami Ji firmly believes that nothing happens on its own, a process is involved in every action and if we could understand and control the process then the success is in our hand. This is equally true for physical and spiritual world. That is why he puts emphasis on Kriya Yog i.e. reunion with the ultimate through action.

To understand the mission of this Shabad Surat Sangam Foundation, a little understanding of the meaning of these words is required. These words are quite popular in Punjabi language but having their origin in Sanskrit language.

SHABAD : The literal meaning of this word is, ‘The Word’. Not in the sense of a mere collection of letters forming a unit of language but in the sense of LOGOS. As suggests the Webster’s Dictionary – reason, thought of as constituting the controlling principle of the universe and as being manifested by speech.

SURATI : The meaning of this word is, ‘Vital Force’. A basic force or principle regarded as the source and cause of life in living organisms. The idea will be more clear by learning the definition of vitalism suggested by the Webster’s Dictionary – the doctrine that the life in living organisms is caused and sustained by a vital force that is distinct from all physical and chemical forces and that life is, in part, self-determining and self-evolving.

SANGAM : This word stands for ‘Unification’ in literal sense. The suggested meaning by Webster’s Dictionary calls it – the act of unifying or the state of being unified.

Altogether this mission can be read as, Unification of Vital Force in us with the Reason to attain the purpose of life. And the purpose, we believe, is not just knowing the God but to manifest him in this very body, the physical proof for the physical word.


Usually Swami Ji spends most of his time at secluded places performing experiments and practices concerning meditation and yog to make it accessible and suitable to everyone. He invests most of his time in solitude for contemplation and yogic research and writing. Once while staying at Tapovan near Badri Nath, engaged in contemplation of the Naam Simran, then at humble and repeated requests of the devotees he agreed to form a base. So a splendid meditation center was founded at the village Malke in Moga City of Punjab State in India in 1994.

A small incidence is worth mentioning here which actually ignited the mission and gave it a platform. “The incidence is of early nineties about an elderly lady devotee of Swami Ji in a village, who was a very enthusiastic practitioner. Once she went so deep in meditation that her physical body stopped all actions and reactions for abnormally long duration to make the family members worried. She was, thus taken to a Physician nearby by her family. The doctor was unable to diagnose any abnormality but for the slowness of internal bodily activities. So with lack of any spiritual knowledge and without adequate experience he applied some force which only helped in straining the devotee’s neck for later. But body didn’t accept any treatment and thus was taken to another Doctor who was quite an experienced and knowledgeable and with the divine grace was aware of spiritual practices. With all his understanding he suggested the body to be rested as it is and then after three days she was back to her worldly consciousness.” This incidence gave all the reason to form such a foundation and start a mission to make people aware of spirituality and spiritual practices, need for them, the consequences and the results.

Especially built for the seekers of the Param Ananda (supreme bliss), this ashram, extending over an area of five acres surrounded with grass fields, had its construction completed with the co-operation of the local following of Swami Ji. The ashram consists of a spacious and attractive meditation hall with the capacity of seating over 200 meditators at the same time besides couple of residential blocks of rooms, a dining hall and a library. Alike Harisar (Ashram of Swami Ji’s Guru and Grand Guru) this place in Malke has also become a pilgrim for people. People from all part of globe keep on coming here seeking His guidance and blessings leaving him little time for practice. Thus has he reserved first day of punjabi month for public meeting that too for two hours, rest of the month he stays engaged in his own practice within the limit of his room. Even the little food he takes (a glass of milk / butter milk) is supplied through a service window of his room. He believes, as he says sometime, “these buildings or place of remote access where there is no disturbance or pollution are not the real platform for practice though they are quite required in the beginning. The real platform has to be built within and it needs a regular maintenance.”

Human beings are made of body, mind, and spirit. Of these, spirit is primary, for it connects us to the source of everything, the eternal field of consciousness. The more connected we are, the more we will enjoy the abundance of the universe, which has been organized to fulfill our wishes Meditation Pyramid at SSS Ashram and desires. In today’s world, more so than in any other age, man is in need of Power. Power of body, mind, and spirit not just an abstract power. These people don’t realize the tremendous source of power lying within and instead they search it outside and run from pillar to post. The advertisements of umpteen motivational speakers and success seminars prove this.

All the philosophies and the religions of the world have one and the same aim, and that is to know thyself. But the training that is imparted since our childhood doesn’t seem to have any such educational program that really helps us in Self-Realization. The religious bibles of the world have their conclusions based solely on faith. But blind faith is more dangerous than an atheist. To know the life and the purpose of life, first and foremost one need to have mental freedom, free thinking. In religion, faith is never challenged but in the path of spirituality, faith is established with the help of reasoning based upon direct experience. Real spirituality dawns through self-effort, sincerity, and inner-wisdom.

The sole purpose of this mission shall be clear by following words of Swami Ji, mentioned in his book ‘Sadhna Sutra’ – “This is but definite that everybody is looking for ‘ANANDA’ (Eternal Bliss) but there is no place one could buy them. We due to mistake try to find that in material which is nothing but a mirage, an illusion of water in desert. ‘ANANDA’ is our natural state, it is nowhere but within ourselves. As a seed is capable to grow in a complete tree because it has all that’s required to become a tree within itself. But we don’t see that when we look into the seed with physical eyes. Similarly we have the reservoir of bliss, the ‘PARMATMA’ (God), within ourselves. We need to realize him for ourselves by meditation and other similar practices. Any text or preaching learnt is incomplete unless and until practiced and realized for oneself.”