Harisar Ashram is an institution dedicated to selfless service of spirituality, run by a Charitable trust namely “Shri Shri 108 Swami Devpuri Maharaj Trust”, named after the great Mahayogi Swami Devpuri Ji Maharaj under whose auspices this Ashram was established at the beginning of the 20th century. Spread over an area of about 10 acres, this magnificent ashram has a majestic Samadhi Mandir, an exclusive “Bangla” for sadhus (residence of about 40-50 Sadhus), a dormitory for a stay of transient sadhus, a cowshed known as “Gaushala” equipped with modern facilities, a large Sadhana hall, Langar hall, 20 rooms – with modern amenities – for the visiting devotees, and parking space for vehicles.

The principal objectives of the Ashram are – Proliferation of the teachings of Prabhu Kambliwale (as the great Swami Devpuri Ji Maharaj was fondly addressed and revered by the devotees) among the masses; Providing guidance to the spiritual seekers and serving the sages and Sadhakas. Grand Satsangs and Sadhana shivir (camps) are organized every year, around Krishna Janmashtami and Basant Panchmi. Besides, special Satsang is conducted every month on the Sankranti day, in addition to daily Satsangs, Japa Dhyana, etc.