Tripur Śivā Pīṭham


A grand spiritual endeavor is now ready at Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram Malke in form of a matchless meditation temple. This is an endeavor to give a boost to the spiritual aspiration of one and all as it envisages to become a playground of the divine power “Tripura Sundari Śivā” Herself. To know more please read the related articles below.

This is a mahayajna of which you too can be a part for it has both external and internal facets to it. To learn more about the internal practice associated with it or to participate through body, mind, spirit, material resources you may email us at

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श्रीविद्या और त्रिपुर शिवा पीठम् – श्री महाराजजी
The Motivation – Salient Points

The Journey
Consecration of the land – 30th March, 2011
The Journey Picks up Pace – 28th May, 2011
Finally The Foundation Stone – 29th May, 2011
From Paper to the Platform – 25th June, 2011
Glimpses of the Foundation Work – 12th July, 2011
Construction Reaches Ground Level – 25th Sept. 2011
The First Rough View of the Pitham’s Structure – 23rd Dec. 2011
Work Begins on the Dome of Peetham’s Structure – 19th April, 2012 
The Inauguration – 3rd October, 2014