Swami Buddha Puri Ji is acknowledged for bringing a scientific outlook to spirituality. He completed his M.Tech. in 1972 and then after teaching for a couple of years he renounced the world to live at the feet of his Spiritual Master learning the Vedas and other scriptures for the next 12 years. His experiments with Karma, Jnana, Raja, Bhakti etc. purified his mind thoroughly and in one of his meditations brought the first, definitive, direct experience of the Divine (Samadhi). Persisting in his research of the inner path, he got the inspiration that this was not all, the goal was rather to manifest the Divine to the material plane of existence and not mere his experience in Samadhi. So the Divine itself would manifest to thrust the process of evolution. The practitioner himself would be completely merged into the Divine to an extent that the Divine will shine in his physical body. This path has brought him victory over hunger, thirst and sleep. And journey is on…

Early Age
Swami Ji occupied his present body allegedly on March 23, 1947 at the village Kotla in District Jalandhar of Punjab state in India. The family atmosphere was very devout and both the parents were sincerely devoted to the divine. They were followers of Swami Ramananda who advocated Physical Immortality openly at those times. Such an environment was nothing incidental but earned due to previous deeds. As a result Swami Ji went through the epic of ‘Ramayana’ when barely in second standard of his academic career. While in eighth class, he was through with ‘Bhagwat Gita’, ‘Bhagat Baani’, most of the theosophical works of Swami Vivekanand and Sri Arvind. The spiritual awakening dawned upon him for the first time, when he was a student of the IX standard. He found himself circumscribed in a hallowing light; this was repeated many times, thereafter. As a young lad he happened to visit Harisar Ashram to get his inspiration in form of a book, biography of the great hermit Swami Dev Puri Ji Maharaj (Kamli Wale).

Middle Age
An obedient son at home and sincere student at school, he was very observant, caring and helpful to one and all let that be man or animal or even plants. This must be one of the reasons that he excelled at all the works let that be studies or sports, lectures or seminars, projects or researches; still he took least interest in any competitions. If ever he participated in any activity, it was not inspired by competition or reward but his own recreation though he always excelled in whatsoever activity he participated. After every such event let that be Football or Badminton, Seminar or Speech, Project or Research his participation was solicited in big competitions for the sake of school or college. His well wisher persuaded him for the same as they thought it was good for his own image but he was already aware of his real image, so he was never drawn in by all such offers.

He was a guy of another world from very beginning, always busy reading about saints and their practices, and also trying to find scope for their application in his personal life. Contemplation and meditation were deep rooted in his nature. He never missed any opportunity to visit saints and sages available nearby and also motivated all the people who came in his contact to do the same. It was always very clear in his mind that just eating, sleeping, reproducing and finally leaving the body to decay cannot be the purpose of such a beautiful life. The purpose is something much bigger which our conservative and timid minds are unable to trace. And he was sure that if our saint and sages renounced this world and worldly pleasure then there must be something greater they were looking for so he decided to do the same.

His inner craving was recognized by his Holiness Swami Dayalpuri Ji, who then initiated him in mahayog. This gave wings to his spiritual journey, still he was not allowed to quit midway thus he continued his education and completed M. Tech. from I.I.T. Delhi. The path was not clear yet as he had taken some study loan that had to be paid back. Thus, he joined Motilal Nehru Regional Engineering College in Allahabad.

At Master’s Feet
Once free from all the liabilities he responded to the long awaiting inner call. He resigned from his job and said good bye to all the family and friends and straight away went to his already chosen Guru Swami Dayal Puri Ji, a living incarnation of Jnana (the real knowledge) itself. For nine long years he served his master, working in ashram day and night. He ignored all his bodily needs and left no room for personal wishes or thoughts. During the last three years his master put him under a very tough test. Master’s body showed sign of heart problem and it needed continuous attending. Then none other than Swami Ji came forward, he completely abandoned his sleep and attended master at every moment; hunger, thirst and other bodily needs were already tamed. He passed the test and was blessed with all the knowledge and power possessed by the Master.

While serving his Master Swami Ji had opportunity to learn Sanskrit language and many scriptures (Ved-Upnishads etc.) from the top most authority of the subject at the time. His Master Swami Dayal Puri Ji was deeply versed in the lore of the Vedas, Shastras and also an expert of the Sanskrit language and was held as an eminent man of letters of his time. He was equally renowned for his spiritual brilliance amongst all the scholars, saints and sages. Many of his students later occupied high spiritual posts like Shankaracharya, Mandleshwara and Maha-Mandleshwara while he himself chose a very simple life of a teacher. He never touched money in all his life and never even asked for any favor from any of his highly posted disciples and huge affluent following, he instead turned down all materialistic offering of name, fame or money.

Before leaving the physical body for the heavenly abode, master initiated him into sanyas (monkhood). This added fuel to his spiritual journey. The craving and the practices both were intensified, which purified his mind thoroughly and in one of his meditations brought the first, definitive, direct experience of the Divine (Samadhi).

Swami Ji was always a free soul and after his master dismissed the body and freed him from nine year long service of that physical instrument, he had enough knowledge and traits to be praised as a successive head. But the ashram administration and business alike was not his cup of tea therefore soon he set voyage to an unknown destination. Traveling mostly on feet with no possession or money to support him he had a real tough but adventurous journey. Wandering through the length and breadth of India he met numerous Saints, Sages, Yogis, Bhaktas and other spiritualist as well as literary personalities treading the spiritual path but for him, the main attraction or the concern was the common man who were apparently ignorant and did not even know what to look for. But did the other scholars or seers know what to look for; he could see that there was a catch. He knew for himself that knowledge is mere a tool to advance on the path as long one was aware of the destination just as his master has already shown to him.

Much of selfless service at ashram or otherwise and a constant passionate craving for the ultimate truth made him pure in heart. All the Veda-Shastras and meeting with saints and sages made him wise in mind. Regular contemplation has already brought him peaceful dwelling in the ultimate. But what is the use if he was going to die away like any Tom-Dick and Harry? Is there any way to guide or inspire this materialistically blind generation? How could they possibly read his brain or feel his heart when they believed in nothing more than the concrete (as it is generally thought) physical body? Questions were plenty but answers… So he turned to himself and retired to mountains.

Due to his childhood impressions of divinizing (immortalizing) the body, it was being vividly felt that until the Divine Consciousness descends to the level of the mind, prana, and the physical body the journey is incomplete. For more than 10 years, he continued contemplating in the far-flung caves of the Himalayas, and experimented with varied popular and secret methodologies. Then in year 1994 when he was in Badrinath, he was approached by some aspirants to set up an ashram in their village (Malke in Punjab) and guide them on the path of Ultimate Truth. Considering their sincerity and dedication Swami Ji accepted the proposal with one condition that he would take care of only spiritual part of the ashram. Since then he lives in that ashram which is named Shabad Surat Sangam, providing spiritual guidance and aids to the seekers. Still he remains confined to his cell for most of the time researching the infinite ways of reaching the Infinite and barely maintains any interaction with the world outside

The Burning Question
Long rigorous contemplation and practice did bring him some clues but after all he had to make them real for one and all. The key was given to him for the door he envisaged what else was required for him to start. He was already practicing integrated form of Yoga which consisted of varied streams such as Raj, Gyan, Bhakti, Karma, and of course Kriya. God’s grace combined with earnest practice and research helped him decode the mysterious and ambiguous quotes of Gorakhnath, Gyaneshwar, Charandas, Ramalingam and many other Siddhas (prophets and adepts) successfully, as much for himself as for all serious seekers. But question was still burning – wasn’t there any real tool which could suit to all and help them to start and progress from right at their level?

And the Answer
Then as if in a flash “Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yog” came in picture in the year 2002, fruit of his thirty years of experiments and practice. A systematic approach to superhuman hood distinctively divided in seven steps was developed in next year to suit each and every individual at their level. Many more innovative practices were delivered in later time such as Agni Kriya, Sanjivani Kriya, Swar-Naad Kriya etc. Many obsolete esoteric practices as Dhar Nauli, Khechari, Shambhawi, Kriya Kundalini etc. were also revived.