Mahayoga Lineage

harisarSwami ji is descendant of the Puri sub-sect of sanyasins hailing from Punjab state of India. Saint Totapuri Ji, who initiated Ramakrishna Paramhamsa into samadhi (the ultimate state of consciousness), belonged to this sub-sect. Actually the main centre of Puri Sect of the Dashnami Sanyasi’s established by Adi Guru Shankracharya in Punjab was Village Ladana which is now in Haryana. It gave several proven Saints to the society and Swami Totapuri ji who showed the path of Absolute Samadhi to Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans belonged to this sect. Amongst many others of this lineage a great adept was Swami Mewapuri ji. He lived a very devout life mostly in seclusion. He had decided beforehand that he shall renounce his body by attaining Jal Samadhi at a specific time in the river Ganges. During those days one had to walk for want of other modes of transport. Ganges being far away from ashram Nanduana (at village Raipur District Ludhiana) and also his body having crossed the age of 100 years, people started doubting his intentions. He replied that if one can not have any control over ones death then what is the worth of attaining sainthood which brings control over your body-mind-soul or life in totality. He then proceeded to Haridwar at the declared time accompanied by many of his followers including his most revered disciple in Swami Devpuri ji. It was time of Kumbha festival in Haridwar after which he took volunteer Samadhi in the Holy Ganges fully conscious and aware. It is important to clarify that he had taken Jal Samadhi and had not abandoned his gross body out of any compulsion. To establish this he actually re-appeared after three days for fulfilling some specific task, which has been described in detail in Part I of the Book titled ‘Gurudev Charitawali’ published by Ashram.

Swami Dev Puri ji who was the great Disciple of such a Great Saint had conquered his hunger, sleep, effect of heat & cold etc. In his early age he lived like a normal householder but there was a buring desire in his heart to reveal the ultimate truth. When this craving reached its height he abondoned everything and set for a voyage. He took an oath that he will not lift a single step without chanting name of the Lord. Finally he reached to Swami Mewa Puri Ji who initiated him in Mahayog. He then undertook a very regerous Tapas as per his master’s instruction which lasted for seven long years. Throughout these seven years he was clad with a piece of black cloth or shawl (Kambli) and subsequently became famous as Kali Kambli Wale. During this period of Tapasaya, white ants had made his body as their home and the rats had even bitten his foot fingers. Even snakes would run over his body following after the rats. Such a hard Tapasaya resulted in a divine declaration from the space, but in spite of all this he continued with his tapasaya until His master assigned him to another sewa of helping and guiding the common man out of misery. He subsequently with the grace of his Guru, spread the message and mode of various aspects of Meditation thereby benefiting many of his followers and deciples.

Later two brothers came in his contact in his very early days and on reading the forehead of the younger of the two Prabhu Kamli wale declared that he was a Pandit from his previous birth which he shall have to continue and was thus sent to Kashi for further studies. This child later became popular by the name of Swami Dayalu Puri ji. Swami ji was an incarnation of jnana (wisdom). Not only did he have knowledge of scriptures in his mind but his life and behavior reflected the same. He virtually donated all his life in spreading that knowledge. So much so that in spite of his eyes getting affected which ultimately almost failed, he did not give up teaching and sharing and thereby putting great strain on his eyes. He had great affection for Kashi Devi Math in Benaras and Hari Bharati Vidyalaya in Haridwar. His disciples and students have occupied high seats of Maha Mandelashwar, Shankracharya and heads of various Ashrams. This established tradition is now headed by Swami Budh Puri ji .

This lineage of the Puri sub-sect of the sanyasis start with Sri Sri 1008 Swami Saraswatipuri Ji of Baluwatta (Patiala District). The second was Swami Rajpuri Ji of village Ladana, the third of this lineage was Swami Bhandarpuri Ji, the fourth was Swami Banpuri Ji. The fifth, Swami Amarpuri Ji set up his tenement at Nanduana village of Kila Raipur District. The sixth of this order was Swami Mewapuri who has taken ‘Jal Samadhi’ i.e. he had entered the river Ganges consciously to leave his gross body. And after few days he had reappeared on request of his dearest disciple Dev to accept a due gift. Swami Devpuri Ji, famed as Sant Kali Kambliwale, was the seventh Yogeshwara of the Puri Order. Next was Swami Dayalpuri Ji, an unparalleled scholar and a renowned teacher of his time. His Holiness, Swami Buddhapuri Ji Maharaj, being the ninth in the lineage of the edifying messengers, he is looked upon as the dispeller of the mist of ignorance in this world of chaos and turmoil. He is a perfect Yogi, a tornado of spirituality. The whole form of spiritual therapy and his enduring contribution is to open window of conditioned mind to visualize the sky of freedom and infinity. The means he choose is mostly by pen but sometimes he does reaches out and directly addresses the aspirants giving them all freedom to ask questions just to clear their long accumulated doubts and confusions. Even while staying totally in seclusion all by himself, he anytime doesn’t mind entertaining true seekers and earnestly shares his experiences though he doesn’t allow anybody to disturb him otherwise.