Br. Guru Chaitanya

“People never find spirituality, spirituality finds them” – is perfectly valid in the life of this avid spiritual practitioner and guide. Born in the traditional setting of a Punjabi Village (Northern India), he led a life of extreme hard work and responsibility (being the eldest of the three sons), right through his teens and early youth. However, even before he knew anything about the spiritual path as such, he was graced with many spiritual experiences (an indication of having followed the path in previous births). On occasions when hectic work schedules at home got the better of him, he would set out for the Golden Temple in Amritsar (nearly 200 Km), unconcerned about anything, clad in his simple Indian dress (kurta-pyjamas) and sit there in the temple complex 24 hrs, for days on end, listening to the Gurbani Keertan (devotional hymns addressed to the Creator). His innate nature, would many times lead him to listen to the Quran being streamed on the radio from Lahore (in Pakistan) in the early morning hours.

On two occasions, he had near death experiences as result of an electric shock (on both occasions). These experiences brought him great clarity about life and since then an inner restlessness and search ensued about deeper processes of life. Reading the very deep and prolific interpretations of the Japuji Sahib (the essential philosophy of the saint Guru Nanak) by Swami Buddha Puri Ji (which are still published on a weekly basis in the Punjabi daily, Jagbani) struck an immediate chord with him. Swamiji resided at a place which was in proximity (Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram is about 50 km from Charik- birthplace of Brahmachari Guru Chaitanya), and well he landed up to be in Swamiji’s company at the first opportunity. Coming into contact with the Master, the mysteries of many experiences which had pursued him since childhood were disclosed and a bright possibility for the future (the path of Mission Immortality) was well in sight. It was but a matter of few months, that Gurtej Singh made his decision for life and devoting himself whole-heartedly to the spiritual ascent of all, came to live at the Master’s feet. Shortly he was ordained as Brahmachari Guru Chaitanya.

Brahmachariji’s lifestyle is a constant source of inspiration to his fellow practitioners. His one-pointed devotion to spiritual practice is inspiring for all. Those who have come into contact with him, marvel and appreciate and also try to emulate his continuous focus on his path – 24 hrs a day. Brahmachariji spends most of his time, living with the Master, practicing under his guidance. However, occasionally he ventures out to live in tough solitary retreats which have in the recent past included a two month long stay at Satopanth (25 km above Badrinath), and various retreats in the forests of Gujarat and Rajasthan (near Mount Abu). Brahmacharji also visits various places, from time to time, servicing people through Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yoga and other meditative camps.