Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram is a non-profitable organization being run & managed by a Charitable Trust. The main objective of this organization is to reproduce after experimenting and experiencing the sublime and hidden aspects of Vedas and other religious scriptures, and also the views of the sages on the various facets of meditation leading to Mahayog, and to make it available to society at large for the benefit of one & all.

The organization started its activities in the year 1995 at a 5-acre piece of land donated by the residents of the village. All the services and facilities in the organization are free of charge, which is dependent on voluntary contributions and donations only. This ashram has a magnificent and divine Dhyana Mandir “Tripura Shiva Peetham”, which has a majestic crystal Shree Yantra, more than five and a half feet high, probably the largest in the world. With about 60 rooms with all the basic amenities, two Dormitories, a grand Satsang & a Dining hall with Kitchen, it also has a library with a collection of approximately 10,000 books. Gurudev believes, and as He shares at times, “These buildings or places of remote access where there is no disturbance or pollution are not the real platforms for practice though they are quite required in the beginning. The real platform has to be built within and it needs regular maintenance.”

In pursuit of the same, Gurudev & Mahayogi Swami Buddh Puri Ji assisted by some of his sincere disciples and followers is always engaged in the in-depth study, both theoretical and practical. These are shared and communicated to society through journals, and also practically at various camps organized at regular intervals. Several disciples both nationally and internationally keep on helping and educating people for transforming their lives by holding camps and workshops.

Gurudev firmly believes that nothing happens on its own. A process is involved in every action. And if we could understand and control the process then the success is in our hands. This is equally true for the physical and spiritual world. That is why he emphasizes Kriya Yog i.e. reunion with the ultimate through action.

To understand the mission of the ‘Shabad Surat Sangam’ Foundation, a little understanding of the meaning of these words is required. These words are quite popular in the Punjabi language, having their origin in the Sanskrit language.

SHABADThe literal meaning of this word is, ‘The Word’. Not in the sense of a mere collection of letters forming a unit of language but in the sense of LOGOS. As suggests the Webster’s Dictionary – reason, thought of as constituting the controlling principle of the universe and as being manifested by speech.

SURATThe meaning of this word is, ‘Vital Force’. A basic force or principle, regarded as the source and cause of life in living organisms. The idea will be clearer by learning the definition of vitalism suggested by the Webster’s Dictionary – the doctrine that the life in living organisms is caused and sustained by a vital force that is distinct from all physical and chemical forces and that life is, in part, self-determining and self-evolving.

SANGAMThis word stands for ‘Unification’ in the literal sense. The suggested meaning by Webster’s Dictionary calls it – the act of unifying or the state of being unified.

Altogether this mission can be read as Unification of Vital Force in us with the Reason to attain the purpose of life. And the purpose, we believe, isn’t just knowing the God but to manifest him in this very body, the physical proof for the physical word.

Gurudev, in His book ‘Sadhana Sutra’ mentioned– “This is but definite that everybody is looking for ‘ANANDA’ (Eternal Bliss) but there isn’t a place one could buy them. Ignorantly, we seek it in a materialistic world which is nothing but a mirage, an illusion of water in the desert. ‘ANANDA’ is our natural state, it is nowhere but within ourselves. A seed is capable to grow in a complete tree because it has all that’s required to become a tree within itself. But we don’t see that when we look into the seed with physical eyes. Similarly, we have the reservoir of bliss, the ‘PARMATMA’ (God), within ourselves. We need to realize Him for ourselves by meditation and other similar practices. In the path of spirituality, any text or preaching learned is incomplete unless and until faith is established with the help of reasoning based upon direct experience. Real spirituality dawns through self-effort, sincerity, and inner wisdom.”

Location: Shabad Surat Sangam Ashram is situated at village Malke, of District Moga situated in the state of Punjab (India). The nearest town is Kot Kapura (18 k.m.) which is well connected to Delhi, the capital city of India, by rail. Otherwise, the nearest popular cities are Bhatinda (50 k.m.), Moga (50 k.m.), and Ludhiana (100 k.m.), wherefrom one can either come down to Kot Kapura by bus and get a cab for Ashram or may directly get a cab for village Malke. The nearest airport is in Chandigarh (200 k.m.).