Shabad Surati Sangam Ashram VPO Malke Distt. Moga Punjab India – 151207 Phone: +91-1635-267947 Cell: +91-94172-67947

This ashram is situated at the junction of three villages, a little away but well connected to Moga-Muktsar Highway. The nearest town is Kot Kapura (18 k.m.) which is well connected to Delhi, the capital city of India, by rail. Otherwise the nearest popular cities are Bhatinda (50 k.m.) Moga (50 k.m.) and Ludhiana (100 k.m.), where from one can either come down to Kot Kapura by bus and get a cab for Ashram or may directly get a cab for village Malke. The nearest Airport is in Chandigarh (200 k.m.).

The ashram in Malke was constructed in 1994 especially for providing a platform for Sadhna (practice). Built on a sandy mound this monastery presents an Elysian sight of celestial bliss. Though this land, before the ashram was raised, was infested with poisonous serpents. The villagers would shudder from coming hither, night apart, even in broad daylight. During the construction of the ashram hundreds of venomous hooded snakes were captured alive and let free far away in the wilderness. A small portion of the mound has been kept intact, untouched and unleveled in its original form, as a relic of hoary past.


Harisar (Swami Dev Puri Ji) Ashram VPO Qila Raipur, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Phone: +91 161 227 3819

Another ashram of mission is situated in Kila Raipur by the name Harisar. Installed in the sacred memory of Swami Dev Puri Ji Maharaj ‘Kali Kamli Wale’ is today regarded as an axis of all the Sanyasi Ashrams all over the globe. A spacious Baraadari (bungalow) with twelve entrances in the Dera is a rest house for the visiting ascetics. It is also named Sadhu Bangla and is probably the only one of its kind in the world meant to provide free lodging and boarding to the anchorites from any corner of the world. Here, any saint or ascetic of any sect can stay for any length of time. One may find hundreds of big and small saffron bundles and bags hanging with the beams of the roof of the bungalow. This proves that a pilgrim, with a complete sense of protection and security, may leave his belongings so hanging and find it intact even after a span of twenty years.


Shakti Math. VPO Hanogi, Distt. Mandi, H. P. India

This is a small ashram built on a small hill hidden from public and easily accessible for the true and sincere practitioners. Placed in a bewitching surrounding, composed jointly of a nearby waterfall and the lush green hills on three sides, the Ashram appears to be the fittest quarter for the seekers of spiritual healing. Besides the meditation hall, artificial grottos (caves) are built up where in the aspirants may meditate quite undisturbed by the mundane tumult and turmoil.

Naad Jagaran Kendra. VPO Maloya, Distt. Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Phone: +91 172 262 8602 / 9630

This ashram was built up by the local following with the sole purpose of group meditations. A meditation hall is constructed with this intention and few rooms are also erected for accommodating visitors from out of town. This ashram is located in a village adjacent to main town and easily accessible from all corners. All the local devotee gather here fortnightly for satsang.