“A divine life in a divine body is the formula of the ideal that we envisage.”

The stream in a canal advances on a set path confined between its narrow banks but there is a surging river, the gushing waters of which build their own course. Similarly, there are some people who advance setting their aim as one amongst the many well-established possibilities; however, there are some rare epoch-makers whose vision is able to pierce through the deemed impossibilities. They leave behind them an aim, the dedication towards which brings forth a revolution in one’s life course.

And just like there are revolutions in the material world, similarly, there occur revolutions in the spiritual world as well. However, such spiritual revolutions are inspired by Supreme Consciousness and Bliss. Unlike a mutual contest which characterizes external revolutions, these revolutions lead to mutual concord and resonance. For here, if there is a contest, it is between one’s own ‘animal’ tendencies and the evolving blissful consciousness. The uniqueness of this contest is that the mutual conflict of the ‘dark’ and the ‘light’ has at its base the miraculous play of the same Supreme-Consciousness.

In the present era, Sri Aurobindo remained the heart of such a spiritual revolution. His entire life is the novel journey of the evolution and descent of the Supreme-Consciousness upon Earth. This revolution is that where the liberation of one opens the door to the liberation of all. The purpose of his sadhana was not personal benediction, but the liberation of the Earth itself; the descent of superhuman consciousness on Earth. Such an achievement requires that one human body would be transformed into a passage for the advent of divine consciousness on Earth. To transform his own body into this divine passage, Sri Aurobindo offered himself to the Superhuman Consciousness (Om Tat Sat) within his very own body. The Truth-consciousness descended in him. His entire life comprised of writing the tale of channeling this Truth-consciousness to the material atoms of the physical plane.

The renowned artist and singer, Dilip Kumar Roy once asked him, “Is your real work this invocation of the Supramental?” Sri Aurobindo replied, quite simply, “Yes, I have come for that.”

A great contribution of Sri Aurobindo was that he presented such abstruse concepts hidden in the depths of the Vedas in the language of the modern mind. His writings are clear, scientifically convincing and doubt-shattering. Sri Aurobindo has left himself a treasure-house of writings on the Immortal Divine State. The reader is heartily encouraged to read his works to form a sound intellectual base prior to embarking upon the practical Kriya-Yogic path of Mission Immortality.

In concluding his account of Sri Aurobindo’s sadhana, Swami Buddh Puri Ji writes:

“The first phase of the Supramental descent on the earth is complete. The second phase –its descent in the microcosm, the body (vyashti), and third phase – its descent in the macrocosm, the Universe (samashti) – are still ongoing. Both the phases also complement each other. This sadhana, having freed itself from the boundaries of Aurobindo Ashram is developing itself at various sites around the world and in the hearts of many awakened individuals. Along with this, in various awakened souls (who are free from the confines of nationality, religion and other boundaries), this sadhana is descending straight from the Supermind and finding expression in various traditions and streams of sadhana, and is thus developing itself on the micro and macro levels. Having entered the hearts of various illumined beings, the Supramental consciousness has sown on earth this seed of conviction that the earth would be transformed; the divine Truth-Consciousness would descend upon earth; mankind would be granted the entry into the superhuman realm – this superman would be permeated and established in the Supreme-Truth; he would be victor over the succession of decay, old age and death, and would be decked with the splendor of All-Bliss and All-Consciousness. The great role of Sri Aurobindo in this all-important sadhana of earth-transformation would forever remain etched in memory.”