Physical Immortality the Mission talks,

But about longevity it is not,

Victory over food, water, sleep and death it charts

But only as signs – the milestones on the path,

Uniting Shiva and Shakti is but the beginning

Manifesting the Divine on Earth is its thundering!

Mission Immortality aims at the advent of superhuman consciousness through the unfoldment of the inner potential latent in Man. It seeks to expand the spiritual experience from the level of mind to an extent that God, the primal force is manifested to the level of the physical world within the grasp of the senses. Mission Immortality is not an individual aspiration but seeks to uplift the creation as a whole. It is our next level in evolution.

In simple words, this Mission is all about living In Full Enjoyment i.e. with Energy, Ecstasy and Existence! We know that our existence expands over different realms: the hard and tangible Physical, the flowing Pranic, the vastly expansive Mental, and the esoteric Spiritual. All of them are intimate parts of our being, and Life (Energy-Ecstasy-Existence) should expand over them all! This mission offers us a well-researched, methodological way to cater to such an objective. These seeds of timeless wisdom-tree come to us, having flowered on the researching-field of Swami Buddh Puri Ji’s life. Energy, Ecstasy and Existence come knocking, attired in a form that is Shakti Kriya Yoga – a way of life, and interspersed with independent yet deeply interlinked kriyas.

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In the words of Swami Buddh Puri Ji…

“It was being vividly felt that until the Divine Consciousness descends into the levels of the mind, prana, and the physical body, the journey was still incomplete.”

As a first step, Mission Immortality can be very roughly equated to ‘Physical Immortality’. Such a concept has been in vogue from the ancient of times. Yet, Mission Immortality resurrects the practical aspects of this concept lost in the whirls of time. Prior to this, such practices had existed, but only within the hearts of ancient adepts. Today, through the medium of Mission Immortality and its branches they are being brought to light for the common man as well.

This is indeed a marvelous subject. Its achievement will inspire and enthuse, either a small child who is unassuming, free of all preconceived notions, and full of life-energy; or a far-seeing, all-knowing seer.

Though all beings have an inherent wish to achieve this state, yet it is widely believed that such things belong to the realm of fantasy; today such things are impossible, though there may have been people free from old age, maladies and death and even physically immortal in the times gone by. But a child is unpretentious. He has no discomfiture or hesitation to put across whatever manifests within him as his natural desire. Therefore, he naturally wishes to become a superman.

Mission Immortality is for all those people who do not wish to confine within themselves their inherent desire for Immortality and their desire to be free from maladies, old age and death. It will bust up many misconceptions and will really inspire a seeker to set foot on the path of Physical Immortality.

This is so because far more than philosophical possibilities and beliefs of Physical Immortality, Mission Immortality focuses upon actual techniques and practices for its attainment; something which is of highest value to a true seeker. Even the philosophical discussions that appear here and there are in the spirit of clarifying the practical aspects and not otherwise.


What is Physical Immortality?

At the level of the soul, all are free or emancipated. Not only humans but even animals are free; for every being is essentially Divine, Sat-Chit-Ananda (Absolute Truth-Consciousness-Bliss personified). But an active realization of this is only possible in the human body, for here the discriminatory powers have awakened and the intellect has developed.

‘I am the Divine Soul, beyond old age, maladies and death’ – such a realization dawns when the Divine Light descends into an inward-drawn, purified intellect; when the radiance of the all-pervading Self-Knowledge is permeated in the constituting elements of the intellect. Then a Being clearly perceives that ‘I am not a body’, subject to death and decay, but I am the ever-free life force. However, such a state, though necessary, is not sufficient enough for Physical Immortality.

There is a knot that veils the intellect from the real Self, only upon piercing which Self Knowledge gets reflected in the intellect. Akin to this, various other ‘knots’ are present between 1) the intellect and the mind 2) the mind and the senses + prana 3) the senses and the physical.

Opening up all these knots paves the path for Physical Immortality.

These three ‘knots’ and the primary veil (between the Self and the intellect) are quite intimately linked together. These are in fact the well-known three and a half encirclements wherein the Divine power lies hidden; this power is popularly known as Kundalini Shakti (The Serpent Power)! When this Divine power within the body opens all the encirclements and gets awakened in its entirety, then the physical body too is empowered and becoming all-Divine it goes beyond the clutches of old age-maladies-death. Then the Divine Consciousness, with all its dynamism, power and bliss, is reflected and permeated even on the levels of the mind, prana, senses and the physical body, and not merely till the intellect. This state is termed as ‘Physical Immortality’.

Just as waves of thought arise from the intellect of an ordinary human being, similarly, powerful waves of Self Knowledge arise from a physically immortal body. The mere presence of such a being then becomes a doorway for the liberation of numerous faithful aspirants. This path of Liberation of all-in-one is called ‘Physical Immortality’.

Even one Immortal Body becomes a means for the advent of Divine on earth; this lays the foundation for any aspirant to set foot on the Immortal Path. Such a body is also free from old age, maladies and death, as then, all the realms, viz. intellect, mental and physical planes have become a blossoming field for the Divine play of the union of Shiva and Shakti. The fruit formed of this divine union is termed as ‘Physical Immortality’.

Freedom from maladies, old age and death is a criterion to determine that the Divine Consciousness has completely manifested in the physical body.

The Jeeva consciousness attains the human body after developing through the course of 8.4 million species (yonis). A human being is one where the intellectual capacities have developed to great extent. The next higher stage in this developing process is reached when the intellect is purified and the Self Knowledge gets reflected in it. Advancing even further than this, a Superhuman is born when the Divine Consciousness and Power get reflected and permeated even till the physical level. A Superhuman is physically immortal too.

The Divine Law has guided the animal to reach the human level. Under the same Law now a human is bound to evolve into a superhuman.

The time is now ripe for this transformation. It is not merely a philosophical contemplation, but also a practical truth.

The path has been built. The journey has begun. The goal itself, having become a conscious force, is drawing the aspirants towards itself. The most important fact is that a big ‘knot’ between the human and the superhuman levels has been pierced, the means to which are easily available even to a common man.

Mission Immortality describes these means to the public.


Born out of Self-Experience

The basis for Mission Immortality is self-experience. This self-experience is strengthened and made more lucid by the use of arguments in line with the scriptures. The scriptural evidence is essential to refine the self-experience and keep it bonded with the ultimate goal.

From his childhood, the writer of these lines got impressions of divinizing (immortalizing) the body. Along with the scholastic study, introduction to the literature of Swami Ramananda and Shri Aurobindo was readily available at home. This provided information regarding the philosophical interpretations of divinizing the body. As time passed by, the body grew and the intellect developed. Fuelled by the previous samskara (karmic seeds), sadhana (spiritual endeavour) too was blossoming with natural ease.

And then, a meeting with Shri Gurudeva, Swami Dayalu Puri Ji Maharaja, added further clarity to the visions of the goal which had already taken roots within. At the very first opportunity, the inner inspiration made one disown everything and seek refuge at Gurudeva’s feet.

Primarily, the spiritual endeavor constituted of serving the Master and being close to him, which also provided opportunities for studying the scriptures in their truest spirit, i.e. directly from an enlightened Master. Recitation and contemplation upon the Guru mantra became an intimate part of life. The mind and heart became too engrossed in sadhana to take notice of the activities of the world around.

Time passed like this. Then all at once, the Ultimate Truth came to be reflected clearly in the intellect by the Guru’s grace. All doubts and delusions were erased. The throbbing wisdom: “Manobuddhayāhankār cittāni nāhaṁ, śivouhaṁ – śivouhaṁ – śivouhaṁ – śivouhaṁ…” (I am not the mind, intellect or the ego; I am the Divine, Divine and indeed the Divine- Absolute Truth-Consciousness-Bliss personified) came to thunder in the intellect. This realization came to permeate not only the intellect but also the subtle realms of the mind and the prana, connected directly with the intellectual sheath. The ceaseless echoes of the extremely subtle anahata nada (the blissful un-struck sounds) began to pulsate within.

It was now time for the vanishing act of Gurudeva’s life play here. He abandoned his physical body on January 23rd, 1983. Thus far Gurudeva’s Divine radiance had overwhelmed the vision, but now the world too emerged, asking to be noticed. People tried to entangle in the responsibilities of the ashram, but this was not possible. The inner calling was forceful. The silhouette of an expansive goal was emerging before the eyes. This broad vision could not remain confined to the limits of running an ashram.

Few people suggested, “Practice staying in the ashram; here we will cater to all your necessities. Why should you live in unsafe and unknown places outside?” But all such assertions couldn’t prevent this being to emerge from all kinds of boundaries and wander freely on the solitary road.

The goal was ever-expanding. The Divine Consciousness, permeating the intellect could not give complete satisfaction; this rather raised many questions. Why should it be limited to the intellect only? Why can’t it descend and manifest even unto the physical plane? Would the Divine Consciousness, being reflected only in the intellect, give complete freedom from old age, maladies, and death while living in the same body? The impressions of divinizing the body, sprouted in childhood as per the samskaras of the previous births, were becoming dominant.

It was being vividly felt that until the Divine Consciousness descends to the level of the mind, prana, and the physical body, the journey is incomplete.

Everybody is free in the realms beyond the mind and the intellect. The practice would reach perfection when Divine Consciousness is experienced incessantly and in totality while living in the body. Not only the intellect, but the entire body would illuminate with the Divine Light.

What is the use of that Divine Knowledge which cannot free the body from maladies and old age! How can the Divine bliss coexist with them? How can the expanse and bliss of Divine Knowledge put up with the confines and slavery of the body senses? How can the mixture of sand and sugar taste all-sweet?

The liberation imagined to be attained after death or after the annihilation of karmas, could only be a means to pacify the mind. If liberation could not be attained while in the body then how could it ensue afterwards?

The Vedas proclaim – na tasya rogā na jarā na mṛtyuḥ prāptasya yogāgnimayaṁ śrīraṁ (He is beyond disease, old-age and death and attains a body illuminated by the fire of yoga). Many similar evidences, numerous sayings of the saints had been proclaiming that it was indeed possible to be free from maladies-old age-death, while the body itself would assume a radiant form of the Divine. But neither the path nor the practice was clearly explained!

Sometimes this mind also thought that though it might have been possible to perform such mystical practices in the earlier eons; but in the present times, when there is greater grossness in the bodies, the abundance of maladies and old age; when the body is still a slave to food etc. then, perhaps it is not possible to carry out such practices. Still, the quest was on. The opening to this path was being sought intensely.

The basic impediment to these mystical practices had become clear. That was the grossness in the body; the reason for which was dependence upon food and water. But the way to rise above this was still unclear.

This very body is the foundation for self-realization. But being gross and limited in nature it does not allow the self-realization reflected in the intellect, to manifest into the physical body. The experience of self-realization remains impeded and confined beyond the reach of the body and the senses.

For Physical Immortality, a way has to be found that transubstantiates the body of its inherent grossness and limitations; for this, a practice has to be found that rids it from its dependence upon gross food and water. This could be facilitated by finding an energy-nutrition, which is free from inherent waste products.

Such an energy-nutrition, along with a simple process to assimilate it, will open the doorway to mystical practices for a yogi and it would also become a kind of elixir-medicine for the sick and ailing.

The sadhana, sustained and made fruitful by the grace of the Guru was quite naturally and at times even unconsciously, proceeding on the premier path of immortality. Many profound practices were being unveiled off their mysteries quite unexpectedly (their discussion would be out of context here). A major part of this phase continued to pass in the snow-laden valleys and caves of the Himalayas.

In the year 2003, this being was immersed in sadhana along with some fellow aspirants at Sharti (a place well-suited to solitary retreats with high peaks and numerous waterfalls) in Himachal Pradesh. Being surrounded by elevated peaks it was quite late when Surya Deva (the Sun) came into sight. It was almost nine o’clock in the morning as this being came out of his practice cell when all of a sudden he entered into a ‘gaze’ with the shining golden sun, which had just risen above the high peaks. It seemed as if Surya Deva himself were attracting this being through his compassionate power. The eyes were left opened as they were; and riding on the chariot of the shining rays, the graceful power of Surya Deva began to enter into the brain. In a span of few minutes a condition dawned, that would have been otherwise possible after sitting in meditation for a long time; another significance being the fact that the eyes were fully open.

This was the incredible genesis of ‘Siddhamrita Surya Kriya Yoga’ the practical prop-up of Mission Immortality.

This experience was tested and established against the benchmark of the Vedas and the maxims of saints. The door to the divine path of Physical Immortality had been opened.

The astonishing fact was that where Surya Kriya Yoga was competent in taking the Maha-Yogis to the grand goal of Physical Immortality; it was also a revitalizing boon for the sick and ailing.

Based on self-experience and the experiences and capacities of many other practitioners it has been divided into seven levels of intensity.

The first test for this practice on the grand road of Physical Immortality was to prove if a person could subsist without food and water and still feel healthier and more energetic. Many aspirants collectively experimented and the results were extremely satisfying and motivating. It was indeed astounding that despite living without food, milk, fruits and even water for as long as seven days the body remained full of prana shakti (the vital force). The increased vitality was tested through high jumps and long races in padmaasana.

Even such exceptional achievements are being considered as only the initial milestones on the path of Mission Immortality. These were made possible only because the body could directly assimilate the energy-nutrient from the Sun through Siddhamrita Surya Kriya Yoga. The point to be noted here is that these were not mere one-time achievements.

It must be kept in mind that it is impossible to attain success in the practices of Physical Immortality without the complete accomplishment of freedom from food and water. Furthermore, freedom from food and water, though necessary, is not sufficient for Physical Immortality.

Dedicated aspirants continue to advance further the achievements attained in these special camps and are proceeding onwards in the practices of Khechari Mudra, Urdhva Shambhavi Mudra, Kriya Kundalini Pranayama, Shambhavi Nada Kriya that comprise the further levels of Surya Kriya Yoga. Agni Kriya Yoga, the complementary practice of the instant-fruit-bearing Surya Kriya Yoga, has also been found to be extremely energizing; and is extremely easy to perform for even a diseased or a novice.

It is hoped that Mission Immortality will not only provide new modes of thought and insights to mahayogis, doctors and scientists, it will also inspire the common man to assimilate vital energy and consciousness through the practices like Surya Kriya Yoga and thereby set foot on the path that brings freedom from old-age, maladies and death.