Physical Immortality
the Mission talks

But about longevity it is not,

Victory over food, water, sleep and death it charts

But only as signs – the milestones on the path,

Uniting Shiva and Shakti is but the beginning

Manifesting the Divine on Earth is its thundering!

Mission Immortality aims at the advent of superhuman consciousness through the unfoldment of the inner potential latent in Man. It seeks to expand the spiritual experience from the level of mind to an extent that God, the primal force is manifested to the level of the physical world within the grasp of the senses. Mission Immortality is not an individual aspiration but seeks to uplift the creation as a whole. It is our next level in evolution.

In simple words this Mission is all about living In Full Enjoyment i.e. with Energy, Ecstasy and Existence! We know that our existence expands over different realms: the hard and tangible Physical, the flowing Pranic, the vastly expansive Mental, and the esoteric Spiritual. All of them are intimate parts of our being; and Life (Energy-Ecstasy-Existence) should expand over them all! This mission offers us a well-researched, methodological way to cater to such an objective. These seeds of timeless wisdom-tree come to us, having flowered on the researching-field of Swami Buddhpuri ji’s life. Energy, Ecstasy and Existence come knocking, attired in a form that is Shakti Kriya Yoga – a way of life, and interspersed with independent yet deeply interlinked kriyas.

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