1. Holistic Health

2. Spiritual Growth

3. Transformation of Body (through a. Service b. Compassion c. Meditation)

The one and only project Swami Ji is working on is transubstantiation of Human Race to take them to the next level of evolution but he admits that this is possible only after a certain level of spiritual growth which in turn requires a profound physical and mental health. That is why he choose a threefold mission for that he also has a miraculous tool. This most important tool with threefold effect is SSKY (Siddhamrit Surya Kriya Yog). He has already experimented this tool successfully on various physical diseases like Obesity, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Migraine, Skin Allergy, Menstrual Problems, Digestive Problems, Respiratory Problems, Heart Problems and what not. Even the mental problems like Hypertension, Depression, Insomnia etc. were also cured with regular practice of SSKY. In spiritual practice it helped in controlled awakening of Kundalini and caused easy experiences of Naad (divine sound) & Prakash (divine light).

Encouraged with all these results that too in a short span of two years he intend to make more and more people aware of this magical tool and its practice. And to guide them he invites people from all nook and corners of globe who would sincerely like to give some uplift to humankind. He also invites all the spiritual, social and medical institutions and organizations to collaborate and testify this practice and once convinced take this to mass. The life in any form has only one fate and that is to realize its cause or the source so that it could understand thyself. Various are the paths but same is the destination and this fact has to be realized by one and all. One also need to understand that either deliberately or un-knowingly we all are heading in the same direction, the only difference is that awareness shall make the path easier and interesting and also shorter. The biggest leap on this path is the human body in which one can voluntarily choose the path and willfully progress on that despite of any obstacle.

Every human being has a unique quality and every seeker is gifted with something extra-ordinary. After realization of that extra-ordinary quality one can tread the path and not waste his or her time and energy window-shopping in the market of spirituality. Bhakti (love and compassionate service ), Vedanta (intellect and knowledge), Karma (all physical and behavioral practices) any of these or other spiritual practices but leads to only one path – ‘Sushumna’ – the energy channel. All these different streams just vary in the starting point, stimulating different body parts (heart, brain etc.) to make an entry into Sushumna, then eventually they all merge to one and the same – Awakening of Kundalini (the inner source of energy) and its progress.

With this understanding all our projects aim to this single goal. But we also realize that all the three levels of body are interdependent. One can not reach to causal body over passing subtle one and subtle can not be known unless one is fully aware of gross body. Today, man has become so outward-looking and materialistic that he doesn’t have time even to take care of his gross body which is the tool for all his activities, physical or spiritual. Body at this level has become extremely weak and diseased which in turn affects the other two levels as well. So our first objective is to strengthen every body, purify every mind and create awareness about the purity of soul. This is what known as Holistic Health these days and almost all the so called spiritual institutions and organizations are working towards this goal. But this is just the preparation or warming up to walk on the path of Spiritual Growth. And the growth is not complete unless and until it is reflected in the body at all the levels (gross, subtle and causal), this is what we call Transformation of Body.